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Call us today! (303) 297-0339

Trailer axles do more than keep you moving down the road. When properly maintained and positioned, axles and axle components will ensure you get to your destination safely. One of the first signs you may see of an axle problem is uneven tire wear. This often reflects a bent axle or spindle from the stress of heavy loads, over loading, or unintentionally bumping a curb or pot hole. When you bring your trailer to Iron Bear Trailer for service, we will thoroughly inspect your axles including the axle tube, spindles, bearings and brakes. If a new axle is necessary, we will discuss your options with you, including:

  • Replacing the entire axle complete with new bearings, brakes, hubs, or drums
  • Replacing the bare beam (axle tube with spindle)
  • Upgrading your axle to a thicker wall and heavier capacity

Anytime an axle is installed by us, we install the axle or axles properly to ensure your axles are true with the trailer. Axle positioning is critical to ensure the trailer tracks properly for safe towing, extending tire life, eliminating uneven tire wear and reducing the risk of costly and dangerous tire blow outs. Often times we find axles are not positioned properly right from the factory!

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We either carry or can get any trailer part or accessory you need. Get in touch to learn more and to ask about our shipping options.

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As part of our commitment to keeping you on the road, Iron Bear Trailer offers comprehensive repair and maintenance services in our Denver shop. Our other trailer repair and maintenance services include:

Brakes And

Whether you have mechanical, electrical or hydraulic brakes, we can help maintain, repair or replace them.

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Wiring Repair
And Installation

One of the most common frustrations: We can install or fix virtually any wiring needed, including plugs, harnesses, lights or brakes.

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Mounting And
Balancing Tires

We mount and balance all types of trailer tires. If your tires aren’t in good condition, we can replace them for you.

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“We either carry or can get any
trailer part or accessory you need.”

At Iron Bear Trailer, you’ll find the largest in-stock selection of trailer parts and accessories in our region. We offer more than 10,000 square feet of parts, accessories and equipment from today’s leading manufacturers. Best of all, our experts are on hand to answer your questions and help you choose just the right products for your rig. You’ll have access to everything you need to keep you on the road.